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We do not collect and save from your social account in any form or sell any information to advertisers or other operators.

Children’s Privacy

There are no third-party ads in our apps, but we do cross promote our other products or the products on our related companies. The only third party service providers we use in our apps are to support our internal operations and we do not collect anything that is personally identifiable in our apps for children. To help us provide you with the best service, APPLE ,GOOGLE help us to understand your use of the apps. In association with them, we may collect your unique device identifier, IP address, mobile phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, and achievements. This information is for internal use only and can’t be shared. It’s just for us to help us improve our services for you. If you have any questions about our collection and use please contact us at support@xihegame.com

More About Personal Data

We collect personal data when a parent makes a purchase through our online store, subscribes to a newsletter or alert, submits content to a forum or blog, or requests technical support. This data may include a name (screen or nickname), gender, birth date, email address, mailing or shipping address, telephone number, and payment information. This information may be used to provide services and the sites to you, to process and fulfill your orders, to contact parents about their orders and new services and features and to send push notifications if consent to receive them has been given. If you contact us for help we will only use your email address to reply to your question.
Please note that if a parent posts personal information about themselves in a community forum or blog in the parent section, in addition to being collected, this data is made public for others to see. The parent is responsible for the disclosure of any such data in those forums. More about Non Personal Data If you’d like more information on this, please contact us at support@xihegame.com

About Third-party SDK

The following is the third-party SDK we are using. The SDK code contains various permissions, but we only allow the SDK to use network access, view WLAN connections, switch network connections, read and write external memory cards, and read mobile phone status and identity , Retrieve running applications, read installed application list permissions. The permission code included in the third-party SDK is as follows (not usage permission):

(1) com.tencent.bugly (Bugly; Tencent Bugly) SDK contains the following permission codes: network access, view WLAN connection, get rough location, get precise location, read external memory card, write to external memory card, read Get the status and identity of the mobile phone, and retrieve the running applications; The purpose of collecting information: for data statistics Information sharing subject: Tencent Collected information: device version, system version, generation ID, phone style, phone name, iccid, bssid, mac address, IMSI, IMEI Privacy policy link: https://privacy.qq.com/document/preview/fc748b3d96224fdb825ea79e132c1a56